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Spanish Express Classes

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Learn Spanish in a small group



Join a small group of 3-5 people who are in the same Spanish language level as yourself with Spanish lessons in Hook, Chessington, Surrey.

Spanish  10-week courses at 7.30pm-9pm & 10am-11.30am Start Monday 4th September with half term breaks. Private classes start at any time.  Check your Spanish Level. Group courses at your home or office available.

Cost for 10 weeks course £370  (Gift Vouchers available)

Spanish private lessons in Surrey are tailor-made to suit your schedule and your way of learning.  Delivered in Chessington, Surrey at your home or through Skype. Gift vouchers available. These are some of the advantages of one-to-one Spanish classes in Surrey:

spanishprivatetuition spanishlessonsinsurrey
  • Chose the topics and vocabulary for your needs

  • Learn at your own speed

  • Reschedule your class at any time

  • Take them any day of the week from 8am-8pm

  • Can be delivered at your home or office.



Spanish Lessons in Surrey implements an effective methodology where the emphasis in each Spanish KS3, GCSE & A Level classes is to have fun. Children learn fast and pass their exams with very good grades.

KS3 children ages 9+ learn in a small group on Mondays

All children doing Spanish will be coach to:

  • learn basic grammar points & techniques

  • rebuild their confidence in learning a new language

  • understand their own way of learning

  • learn how to love a new culture & its people making children more open minded



You will be coach to:

  • Find the joy of learning a language & its culture

  • Teach yourself a language through passive learning

  • Being patient with yourself and discover your unique way of learning

  • Get rid of the fear of making mistakes which stops you to learn a foreign language

At Spanish Lessons in Surrey we use the Communicative Approach methodology putting enphasis in speaking the language.  We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which provides a standard basis for the design of all language programmes in Europe. By following this Framework we can accurately check each client's language progress in the four skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

spanish courses in surrey for adults in chessington.Caroline evans

"Martha is a brilliant teacher!  She makes learning really fun and effortless, using music and rhythm to help you to get the language into your head effortlessly. This is nothing like the language teaching you had in school (unless you were very lucky!) – it is modern and truly interactive.

In a short introductory session she taught us how to ask for someone’s telephone number - and understand the answer – as well as telling someone else our number. We ended up dancing to music as we practised!"

Caroline Ewans, Thoughtful Marketing

"Martha, I really enjoyed your group session on learning Spanish.  What a fun way to learn a language and so different from the traditional school experience that I remember. There was tremendous energy and participation from everyone interacting with each other. You also have a lovely style in balancing the need to instruct and encourage at the same time."

Mark Rowray (Kingston Web Design)

spanish lessons in chessington surrey. mark rouvra


spanish language courses in surrey-Dimelza

"I met some great people in the group especially Martha Jesty who has an amazing abundance of energy. She taught us all to count to 10 in Spanish and taught us how to say our mobile numbers in Spanish, then to help it sink in we danced to Spanish music whilst saying our phone numbers in Spanish. It was so much fun and very educational at the same time. Very inspirational."

Demelza Fry

  Beginners from scratch Mondays pm & Tuesdays am

      Advanced Beginners Wednesdays  7.30pm

           Pre-Intermediate Tuesdays  7.30pm

      Conversation classes Saturdays 10am-11.30am

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