Spanish GCSE & A Level Tuition

Spanish for GCSE Exams

Spanish private or semi-private lessons last 50 minutes. Register your child for 10 lessons delivered Monday-Friday in Chessington. They will:
  • Develop 4 skills (speaking, reading, listening & writing) in a fun way
  • Use connections and visualization rather than translating texts
  • Be mentored by me - a life coach for teens - so they can learn Spanish for life and not only for the exam.
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Spanish for A Level Exams

Spanish lessons for teenagers doing Spanish A level exams perfect the vocabulary of the topics chosen for their A level exam. In each Spanish class your child will be:
  • Exposed to Spanish language during most of the Spanish A level lessons
  • Taught crucial grammar points in a fun way
  • Putting emphasis on speaking, making the language alive with dynamic teaching.
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At Spanish group courses you are coached by Martha Jesty

  • To find the joy of learning Spanish language and its culture
  • To teach yourself Spanish through passive learning, Spanish for adults Surrey
  • To discover your unique way of learning a language and therefore becoming more patient with yourself.
  • To get rid of the fear of making mistakes and enjoy the process!

Spanish Lessons in Surrey Methodology

At Spanish Lessons in Surrey we use the Communicative Approach methodology, putting the emphasis on speaking the language. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which provides a standard basis for the design of all language programmes in Europe. Therefore we can accurately check each client's language progress in the four skills of: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Martha Jesty is an official DELE examiner from Instituto Cervantes.


"I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with Martha and my confidence in Spanish has increased. Going through grammar really helped me and made it easier for me to understand. I received good feedback which was very helpful and got enough homework to make me understand different grammar uses and formations, we did different activities such as reading, speaking and listening which busted my confidence". Maddie, A level student

"The presentation is clear and understandable. There is enough homework and the pace of the class is good & Martha’s style is effective and fun.

Martha is very encouraging and patient. She is friendly but keeps the dynamic fun and professional. As a result of my Spanish classes with Martha, I am better with verbs and am successfully using them. I wil continue with the lessons next term." Amy, GCSE student

"The classes have boosted my son’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for Spanish; he was able to grasp spanish concepts better in a 1 to 1 session for his GCSE exams." Josh, GCSE student