Spanish Express Classes Private Tuition in Surrey

Spanish Private Classes Online or

Spanish face to face in Surrey

With Spanish Express Classes you learn Spanish at any time if you are Spanish beginner level or Spanish intermediate and advanced level.

Just bring the topic and I will teach you that very topic suitable for your Spanish language level any day of the week. Spanish private classes fast and easy in Chessington, Surrey or Spanish online.

You will be surprised how fast you will learn

in only one class!

Choose a slot of 30 minutes from 8am-8pm.

Cost for 30 minutes £25

Fill in the registration form and pay £25 for your first Spanish private tuition

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If you prefer a block of private lessons throughout the term please visit Spanish Private Lessons

Perfect as a gift voucher! For adults and teens

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Express Spanish Private Classes are suitable for:

  • People who would like to experience my fast methodology before committing to a block of Spanish private lessons
  • A level Spanish or GCSE Spanish students who would like to practice the speaking exams or would like less than 10 block of Spanish lessons for teens
  • Business people who would like to learn the basics to introduce themselves in Spanish or would like to practice their Spanish in a more guided way. For a group of lessons visit Spanish Corporate Service
  • Tourists going to South America or Spain who want to learn basic vocabulary & structures with just a few Express Classes.
  • People who would like to learn only certain grammar points or special vocabulary
  • People who live far from Chessington, Surrey and prefer online Spanish learning

"Given the length of the lesson, which is half an hour Express Classes, Martha Jesty achieves much by sharing learning aids for grammar, and by encouraging outside practice and reading. There is also homework, and the combination is enough. There are exercises in the lesson to assist learning the topic. Martha’s knowledge of Latin American culture is extensive and informative. Martha Jesty is encouraging and patient and has a positive outlook to life and teaching in general. The lesson is well organized and preparation is good as well as having a good understanding of the pace at which to proceed. She is friendly and professional, a very good teacher and understands the different requirements of the students and adapts her methods accordingly."

Susan Williams

"Martha Jesty is a very good teacher, always explaining and didn’t move on until everyone understood. She emphasised the importance of doing as much homework and possible which was vital for our learning. I always enjoyed the lesson."

David Prigg

"Martha is a very accomplished and friendly teacher. It has been many years since I last learned in this format, and Martha is extremely patient and can find many ways in explaining the language; a real pleasure to learn from her."

Jonathan Zammit-Tabona