Spanish Express Classes

Online through Skype or face to face

Learn Spanish at any level, just bring the topic and I will teach you that very topic suitable for your language level. Learn Spanish any day of the week choosing a slot of 30 minutes from 8am-8pm.

Private classes in Chessington, Surrey.

Cost for 30 minutes £25

Choose your slot by filling in the registration form and pay £25 pressing the Paypal button.

Perfect as a gift voucher! For adults and teens.

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Express Private classes are suitable for:

  • University students who want to pass a Spanish language exam
  • A level Spanish or GCSE Spanish students who would like to practice the speaking exams or would like less than 10 block lessons.
  • As a taster class to experience my fast methodology before you commit to a block of lessons private classes for adults.
  • Tourists going to South America or Spain who want to learn basic vocabulary & structures with just a few Express Classes.
  • People who would like to learn only certain grammar points or special vocabulary
  • People who live far from Chessington, Surrey and prefer online Spanish learning
  • People who have mobility problems or are bed ridden and want to learn online


"Martha Jesty is very professional and friendly, she is also organized and encouraging and this gives me a boost to learn. Martha has an excellent ability to teach the language. Her style is very effective and also fun. All the grammar, presentation and activities were very effective and I am learning a lot and developing my language skills quickly. I feel confident after a class at Spanish Lessons in Surrey, definitely feeling like I have learnt a lot." Bill, A level student

"You probably heard of the power of teaching by example? Martha is one of these inspiring people whose passion for what she does naturally creates her business of teaching languages. Ever thought of learning Spanish, visually, auditory plus moving your body with the rhythm of uno, dos, tres, ...? Thats what we did at Martha's class and I think I can safely say, we didn't just learn to count from one to ten but also got a reminder of how much fun and ease learning can be". Martina Grubmueller, onwer of Syncholitic

"Martha Jesty is a truly committed individual. Her passion and sincerity really shines through in all she does. She has a genuine love of her work and is inspiring with her infectious positivity. After a few minutes in Martha's company, one feels uplifted, energised and full of compassion. She moves you to want to do more for those around you." Barbara Ewing