Corporate Services

Interpreting Services Spanish-English-Spanish

Spanish interpreting accurate and professional services only for the Spanish speaking community in:
  • Interpreting in court
  • Interpreting business meetings
  • Interpreting Police Force
  • Interpreting community
  • Interpreting in all kind of fields

Spanish Interpreting & Translation Services

Fast, accurate and efficient Spanish translation services in the following areas:
  • Spanish Medical translations
  • Spanish Legal translations
  • Spanish Business translations
  • Spanish for Police and Goverment translations
  • Spanish Commercial translations
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Perfect your English with tailor-made private English classes delivered face to face or online.
Our clients are Latin American diplomats and business people based in the UK and in Latin America who are looking to perfect their English with someone who understand their language and culture. The tairlor-made courses are design to develop:
  • Specialist vocabulary
  • and perfect pronunciation
  • grammar structures according to your level and need
  • Cultural awarness to understand your British clients
  • In depth knowledge of the Cambridge Exams formats
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"Tuve el agrado de que Martha Jesty me pueda brindar clases online de Inglés. Martha ha sido de excelente ayuda para mi progreso en pronunciación y gramática del idioma inglés. He estudiado inglés en Institutos en Lima, Perú en los cuales la enseñanza es de una manera robótica y aburrida. Con Martha todo fue diferente ya que tiene una didáctica bien programada y entretenida de la enseñanza del inglés, con buenos materiales y links de enseñanza y a su vez siendo exigente, sin dejar de lado el profesionalismo que Martha tiene para poder llegar al alumno. Recomiendo a Martha porque sé que con ella vas a ver el inglés de una forma diferente y no solo aprenderás un idioma, sino un tipo de cultura y vida que te agradará." Wiler Soto, Representante de Perú de Peter Spanton Drinks

"Martha Jesty’s knowledge of British culture and language has helped me to solve cross-cultural issues in the translation of my marketing material. My Spanish marketing material was not only translated but also corrected and amended to break cultural barriers to reach my targeted audience and reach more British clients. I realized that translating a document from Spanish into English is not enough and using the right person for the job, bilingual in British and Spanish culture, was crucial to my business success." Isabel Montes, Anglo Spanish Association

"The uniqueness of Latin America and Spain demands a specialisation in the cultures and languages if we are to be relevant to their reality. Spanish Lessons in Surrey are experts in the matter." John Chapman, former Latin Link International former Director