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Martha Jesty PgC., BA., Dip., MBACP

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"I speak to the audience from the heart ... I don't read to them.

As an inspiring and motivational speaker I leave a lasting and inspiring impression on all attendees.

I do this by connecting with each of them paying attention to body language.

I have a strong sense of personal motivation and optimism which I pass to all attendees during my speeches."  Martha Jesty

"I had the pleasure of seeing how Martha works at a networking event recently. She was so enthusiastic and good at what she does, got everyone up and put a huge smile of everyone's faces. We all felt wonderful afterwards." Tina Murray


"I went to Martha's fun business networking meetings in Chessington and it was fun, relaxed and met interesting people. Martha is a very energetic, positive, excellent team leader and speaker and I am glad that she will be our next Fabulous Women group leader from this year for Chessington." Jane Hardy


"Martha has an energy and fun personality that permeates through the meetings. She is great at bringing together people and breaking the ice between contacts." Nevil Kapadia


"This woman has bags of energy. She is ethical, courageous and sincere. She strives for perfection and gives 100% in everything that she does. Fun and loveable, Martha was a pleasure to network with." Nina Assam


"Working with Martha. Gives you a whole new yest for life! Such energy. Martha was a great subject to capture, both with wellbeing activities, team building and charity work. It is a pleasure to be associated with Martha. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter to capture in Martha's life." Jane Hamilton-Cross


"Martha has a passion for life. she engages with people and brings her special zest to everything she does. I have been to a number of events where Martha has been an effective communicator and always professional and highly recommended. Martha is an Ambassador for Kingston Business Biscotti and is a joy to work with." John Ballard


"Martha is a 'get-things-done' person, and she inspires others to achieve too. Her passion for life and sense of fun is immediately evident, equalled only by her compassion for those less fortunate, particularly women and children, both in her native Latin America and here in the UK. She is a networker by nature, and loves to share her energy and enthusiasm, but always in a caring and selfless way. A 'good woman', in every sense... I'm glad to know her! " Keith Grover


"Martha is a truly committed individual. Her passion and sincerity really shines through in all she does. She has a genuine love of her work and is inspiring with her infectious positivity. After a few minutes in Martha's company, one feels uplifted, energised and full of compassion. She moves you to want to do more for those around you." Barbara Ewing

CULTURE AND LANGUAGE. British culture & Latin culture differences, business and  client's culture, cultural barriers and how to conquer them, learning Spanish topic in 15 minutes.

CHARITY WORK: how  to give to charities, Peruvian charity working with families, life for children in Peru

SPIRITUALITY TOPICS: developing a spiritual life, mindfulness & relaxation techniques, spiritual gifts, finding God, healing through Jesus

MOTIVATIONAL TOPICS: How to become emotionally intelligent, How to love people, different cultures and believes, How to enjoy enjoy life understanding their own cicles of life, How to read body language and act accordingly

WOMEN HEALTH ISSUES: see my lifecoaching website www.lifecoachinginsurrey.co.uk

"I am an energetic and positive person with a passion to see people free from stress and worries.

With a positive attitude to life, I see problems as an opportunity to become better every day.

Martha Jesty

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Martha Jesty is a multifaceted language coach and life coach with an RSA Diploma in Teaching Modern Languages and an accredited Instituto Cervantes Examiner with more than 20 years’ experience in language teaching. Peruvian born and British Citizen for the last 25 years, Martha has a Post graduate diploma in Psychological Trauma and a Diploma in Pastoral Care using a caring approach with all her clients that lead them to discover their own learning techniques. Using the Communicative Approach methodology with emphasis in speaking Spanish, Martha’s classes are fun, enjoyable and effective where clients learn faster than expected. Martha Jesty is a member of the British Association of Christians in Psychology and has an enhanced Police DBS to work with children and vulnerable people. more about Martha Jesty

ABROAD: International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) IV World Conference in Argentina, 3 churches in Lima in 2 universities in Peru.

IN THE UK: WIs, Fabulous Women-networking company, Help Women and Children charitable organization, primary schools in Surrey.

Public speaker for business people, women, children, students, Christian churches