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Welcome to my blog!


Here you can learn about the Spanish language, the cultures of Spain and Latin America, as well as how to learn a new language and why you should embrace it!



By marthajesty, Dec 15 2017 12:40PM

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you may have seen lots of articles that recommend learning a new language to reduce the risk of getting dementia. But learning a new language can seem like a big step to some people. It’s also recommended that we keep up with our social and leisure activities, which might seem a bit easier. When you learn Spanish with me, you get to do both!

When people - young, old, employed, retired - learn with me, they look forward to the classes because I make it fun for them. I make it easy. We dance, we eat, we chat, we listen to music. They come to see me because I help them forget about the stress of learning, or the stress of exams if they are taking them. I’ll say to them, “imagine you are in a café in Spain, how will you ask for a coffee?”


1.Homework. Do it within 24 hours after your class to reinforce your new acquired knowledge. Grammar will make more sense to you.

2.Vocabulary. Choose a reading of any topic and make a list of all the words you have learned after you have highlighted them. Read many topics (hotel, house, holidays, food, shopping for clothes, etc) and add your new words into your list of topics.

3.Develop Fluency. Watching films in Spanish. Repeat the sentence you want to learn in the same speed and manner as the native speaker is saying it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every single word. Do the same technique when you sing in Spanish.

4.Think in Spanish. Make a virtual friend online or by WhatsApp. I have already volunteered to all of you to text me in Spanish. Only one took the plunge! This is such an important activity to make your brain sharper and faster as you will switch your brain into Spanish mood without time to think in English. Come and join my FB group Practice Spanish in Surrey and make online friends there if you contact them directly.

5.Advanced your knowledge. Learn about Latin American people and Spanish people and their differences, their history, geography, main touristic places & food


Be passionate about all Spanish language, its people and their culture!