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Here you can learn about the Spanish language, the cultures of Spain and Latin America, as well as how to learn a new language and why you should embrace it!



How to become a better person in 2018

By marthajesty, Feb 9 2018 01:39PM

You have probably heard that learning a second language is good for your brain, whether you grow up with it or take lessons as an adult. That is amazing information of course, but I also feel that learning a second language can make us better people all-round. Better learners. Better family members. Better friends...

Learning a new language makes you more open-minded

When we learn another language, it teaches us that one ‘thing’ can be called by many different names. A bottle is not just a bottle, it can also be una botella. This way of thinking can extend in to our personal life also. A person may have different interests from us, yes, but this does not mean that they are wrong. Both of us can be right, the other is only different from what we know already. Our minds are opened to seeing new possibilities and different perspectives.

Language learning teaches empathy

The benefits of learning a new language as an adult or as a child can also include becoming more sympathetic to others. When we talk to somebody whose first language is not our own it reminds us of our own struggles. Like that time when you said you were embarazada - meaning you were ‘embarrassed’ - but what you actually said was that you were pregnant! These experiences make us more patient with other people in general, for example with the younger generation: we too have made their mistakes and experienced their frustrations.

Second language acquisition improves your brain

Finally, studying a foreign language makes us more alert overall. Areas of the brain, including the Broca’s area and the Hippocampus, have to grow larger and work harder – it is not easy for the brain to decide which language to use when it has more than one to choose from! Studies have also shown that it makes us good at multi-tasking; improves our minds’ ability to take in new information; gives us better memory, attention and concentration; and makes us more mentally creative and flexible – all excellent for learning new skills (plus avoiding dementia).

Why should I learn Spanish?

Of course, I will tell you that Spanish is the best language to learn - and over 600 million people might agree with me! It is the official language of over 20 countries and the second most widely-used language in the world, so speaking Spanish opens up a lot of doors. And it’s great fun! I offer private and group Spanish lessons for adults, interesting social activities in which to practice your Spanish conversation, as well as GCSE and A level tutoring for secondary school students. My classes are well known for being interesting and effective, and also for the care I take in making sure each of my clients stays motivated while studying Spanish – you can read their testimonials here.

So if you want to improve yourself in 2018 why not try some Spanish language lessons or conversation classes? You will learn a new language, new cultures and engender all these admirable qualities that people strive for in their everyday life. Get in touch with me and I will help you take the first step!

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