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3 amazing Peruvian restaurants to inspire your cooking

By marthajesty, Mar 6 2018 07:32AM

The famous Peruvian dish of Ceviche.
The famous Peruvian dish of Ceviche.

If you are bored with cooking the same thing for dinner every week, here is a little inspiration from my home country of Peru. You have probably heard of Ceviche, the famous dish of marinated raw fish, but I promise you there is much more to Peruvian food than this. Learning how to cook Peruvian food can provide a fantastic new skill if you are retired and looking for a hobby, or for a way of meeting new people. For young people, it’s a great way of learning how to cook and how to speak Spanish. For every age it is a great way to practice your Spanish in an authentic Latin American atmosphere. Whether you like to cook or prefer just to eat, I am very proud of my native cuisine and want to share with you three of my favourite Peruvian restaurants…


The award-winning Peruvian chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Martin Morales owns four Peruvian restaurants in London but Ceviche Soho was his first.

Awards: UK’s Best Venue 2016.

Dishes: Ceviche of course! Pisco sour (a white brandy made in Peru from muscat grapes) and sizzling barbecued anticuchos (meat marinated in a hot sauce).

Why you should try it: They have their own Pisco Bar and “kick started the Peruvian cuisine revolution” in the UK.

A Peruvian symbol - the alpaca
A Peruvian symbol - the alpaca


Virgilio Martinez has a famous restaurant Central in Lima, Peru but his new restaurant Mil, located in high in the Andes, has just opened and looks even more incredible.

Awards: Central was voted fifth in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 and won the Chef’s Choice award. Mil will win lots of awards too!

Dishes: Andean pork and lupinis (a type of legume), alpaca and freeze-dried tubers.

Why you should try it: Can you imagine a more authentic Peruvian experience than eating braised alpaca next to some Inca ruins at 11,500 feet above sea level? You will need to spend plenty of Soles though.


My personal favourite - a little closer to home (and a lot more affordable!) - is Tito’s in London Bridge, led by Head Chef Mateo Eugenio Fernandez.

Awards: Andean Restaurant of the Year 2012 by LUKAS Latin American UK Awards.

Dishes: Pato en Aji (duck in pepper sauce), Lomo Saltado (stir-fried beef or chicken).

Why you should try it: It is family-run, the UK’s most established Peruvian restaurant and the portions are fantastic!

Mouth-watering lomo saltado
Mouth-watering lomo saltado

Also worth a mention is Maido in Lima, voted best restaurant in Latin America 2017. Now that you know a little more about Peruvian food, I hope I have made your mouth water and inspired you to try some dishes for yourself. If you would like to learn to cook it with other interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere, I hold Peruvian Cooking Classes on the second Saturday of every month. We cook, we dance, we drink wine, we eat and we learn a little Spanish. It’s a really fun social activity in Surrey. Please click here if you would like to register for the next class, it would be lovely to see you.

Hasta la proxima, Martha.

Do you have a favourite Peruvian dish or restaurant? Tell me what it is and why!

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