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"The emphasis of each Spanish class in Surrey is on the joy of learning a vibrant and happy language. I will coach you to lose your fear of making mistakes,

to learn by playing and using your body. With me you will discover how you learn best thereby maximizing your learning, you will practice passive learning on a day to day basis, and you will find joy in learning a new language and its many cultures".

Martha Jesty, SLS owner

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"SLS quality of language services is very good with all help available.

Martha's knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture is excellent and very interesting. Martha is a positive person by nature and this comes through in class. She is very organized and enthusiastic, she is an excellent teacher."

Derek Tidy, Financial Advisor

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You will be able to travel seamlessly in many countries, including Spain and Latin America, and interact with people with a rich history - nearly 700 million people speak Spanish in these parts of the world.

You will have more cognitive flexibility which means that you will be able to 'go with the flow' better than monolingual adults when faced with new or unexpected circumstances.

You will have a better brain in old age with increased cognitive abilities, therefore diminishing the chances of getting dementia.

You will get better jobs; Spanish will open the door for you in many areas, as working with people from another culture demands flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness to break down cultural barriers.

"I found Martha Jesty very flexible, organized, warm and friendly teacher. It was a very good experience to be in a small group discussing every class issues in Spanish. I am definitely better at Spanish after my lessons at Spanish Lessons in Surrey. We had fun and engaging activities with varied learning tasks. Martha is an excellent teacher with excellent knowledge of regional differences in Spanish." Luke Whelan, groups

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